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Práce byla přijata k publikaci v časopise Scientific Reports, PDF je ale zatím pouze ve formě "proof" jelikož práce zatím není dostupná on-line. Název: New cyanobacterial genus Argonema is hiding in soil crusts around the world. Abstract: Cyanobacteria are crucial primary producers in soil and soil crusts. However, their biodiversity in these habitats remains poorly understood, especially in the tropical and polar regions. We employed whole genome sequencing, morphology, and ecology to describe a novel cyanobacterial genus Argonema isolated from Antarctica. Extreme environments are renowned for their relatively high number of endemic species, but whether cyanobacteria are endemic or not is open to much current debate. To determine if a cyanobacterial lineage is endemic is a time consuming, elaborate, and expensive global sampling effort. Thus, we propose an approach that will help to overcome the limits of the sampling effort and better understand the global distribution of cyanobacterial clades. We employed a Sequencing Read Archive, which provides a rich source of data from thousands of environmental samples. We developed a framework for a characterization of the global distribution of any microbial species using Sequencing Read Archive. Using this approach, we found that Argonema is actually cosmopolitan in arid regions. It provides further evidence that endemic microbial taxa are likely to be much rarer than expected.